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Perl is a programming language that is compiled and then interpreted when a script is run. It was originally designed to run on UNIX systems, and is most often used for scripts on UNIX Web servers. It has been ported to MS Windows, and on MS Web servers, it can be used as a language on Active Server pages.

This guide involves those elements of Perl that can be run at the Operating System level. Many operations in Perl can be done with more than one statment syntax, and one of mottoes of the various Perl users' groups is "There is more than one way to do it" or TIMTOWDTI. In most cases where there can be alternative syntaxes, I will mention only the one I like best.

I just started this guide in late August of 2000. If you think there is something important I should add right away, please send an e-mail to me at

++ Topics ++

Variable Types 
Tests and Comparisons 
Branching and Looping Statements 
Input and Output 
Regular Expressions 
Numeric Operations 
String Operations 
Array and Hash Functions 
Modules & Packages 
Code Fragments:
> File I/O
> Objects
> Objects with Inheritance